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Who are Chiropractors?

Chiropractors are Doctors who specialize in the detection and correction of misaligned vertebrae in the spine called subluxations. These subluxations cause pressure on the nerves that exit between the vertebrae (bones that make up the spinal column) causing pain, weakness, and dysfunction of the organs in which the nerves connect. Since these nerves originate at the brain and control every function of the body, the Chiropractor plays an invaluable role in keeping your body working correctly.

What is the Difference Between Chiropractors and Medical Doctors?

Doctors of Medicine (MD) and Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) both have similar education in terms of overall knowledge of the body. The MD attempts to treat the symptoms of a problem with medications, the DC looks to correct the cause of the problem to allow the body to eliminate the symptoms naturally. The Chiropractic Physician offers a natural, drugless, and non-surgical approach to health care and readily refers to the allopathic (MD) physician when drugs or surgery are indicated.

What EXACTLY is Chiropractic?

The Chiropractic profession was established in 1895. The word "chiropractic" was derived from the Greek words "cheir" and "practikis" meaning "done in hand." Chiropractic is an approach to health care that relies on the body’s inherent and natural recuperative powers ~ a healing science that places emphasis on maintaining the structural integrity of the body. In addition, Chiropractic is a method of healing treatment that is conservative and that does not use drugs or surgery. Today, over 50,000 Doctors of Chiropractic serve millions of patients worldwide.

The Chiropractic Approach to Human Health

The Chiropractic approach to human health is based on the premise that the relationship between structure and function in the human body is a significant health factor and the relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system contribute to the disease process. Again, a Chiropractor is a health care physician who considers the body an integrated being by giving special attention to the spinal mechanics, musculoskeletal, neurological, vascular and nutritional relationships.