Our Friendly Staff
Jenny, Felicia, Kristen, Nicci, Shannon & Ashley

Relaxing and comfortable waiting area










One of our four patient rooms. X-Rays taken on site.

Our organized front office

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Room

physical therapy and rehabilitation room

The smiling faces you will see
when you walk through our door.

Our personalized rooms allow patients one-on-one interaction with Dr. Ricci.

Dr. Ricci’s gentle spinal adjustments
allow the body to heal naturally.

Behind the scenes, Nicci runs the office and sees that all billing is prepared and completed as efficiently as possible.

Our board certified Chiropractic Assistants underwent hours of classes to assist Dr. Ricci.

Personalized care is our goal.

One of the many exercises our Chiropractic Assistants
teach to move patients toward total spinal rehabilitation.

Dr. Ricci designs personalized care plans for his patients. (P.S. Artwork supplied by his four daughters.)

We offer a number of state-of-the-art therapies.

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1610 West Street, Suite 110 | Annapolis, MD 21401 | Phone: (410)263-6331