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First Visit:

Your first visit to a chiropractor should be an enlightening and pleasant experience. As with any other healthcare provider you have chosen, finding the right chiropractor will be a personal decision and one you want to consider carefully. You'll meet the doctor after filling out a health history form, similar to a health history form you receive when visiting any other health care provider. Below, a folder called First Visit Information has these forms that you can download, fill out, and bring with you to your initial consultation. If anything you read or hear prior to seeing the doctor is unclear, be sure to write your questions down on paper, so you can have them answered during your consultation.



First Visit Info
What To Expect:

Your chiropractor will discuss with you any specific pain or symptoms you may be experiencing. During the exam, you may be asked to bend and turn from side to side. Usually a standard orthopedic and neurological exam is performed and followed by any other diagnostic testing the doctor feels may be necessary, such as X-rays. It is important to mention that not all Chiropractors recommend the use of diagnostic testing or use of “modalities” (specific therapies used before or after a chiropractic adjustment). During the interview, ask the chiropractor what techniques he uses and what his practice philosophy is. After addressing these two questions, you should have a good basic understanding of chiropractic and how the doctor you are seeing plans on treating your problem or symptoms. Always discuss your expectations of care with the chiropractor. If you have questions regarding your plan of care or if you are not comfortable with what the doctor is recommending, discuss your concerns before leaving the office. New patients should anticipate roughly one hour for their initial appointment.

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